I have a softball drill used for fielding ground balls and it works for me and the girls always seemed to like it. It builds eye coordination, technique on fielding, cardio, and of course confidence.

Softball Fielding Drill
Set up:
Place 5 balls in a spot along the third base line, making 3 more piles of 5 balls about 12’ apart.
Station 1 cone approximately 15’ across from the pile of balls. (4 piles of balls-4   cones)

Have 1 girl kneel behind each pile of balls. (they will be the rollers)
Have 2 girls stand behind cones. (they will be the retrievers)
Remainder of girls form a line either on right or left side of cone with their glove.

  • Line of girls will assume a fielding position.
  • On coaches’ start they will shuffle in front of cones (one at a time) with glove, as the roller rolls a ball at them to be fielded and rolled back to same person who rolled it.
  • The second girl takes off when the first girl gets to the third person in line. This way the girls don’t bunch up in the middle and the line moves swiftly.
  • Remainder of girls not rolling or retrieving go thru the drill with their gloves and complete the drill.
  • When the first girl reaches the end of the line she hustles back to beginning of drill and repeats the same process 3 times total.

Responsibilities of the retrievers are to make sure the rollers have softballs in front of them to roll.
At the end of third time thru the players exchange positions and repeat drill. Should be done 3 times from one side.

Repeat the same drill from the other side once everyone has gone thru 3 times. (allows for left and right lateral movement)

Purpose of drill:
1. Increase Cardio
2. Shuffling reminds the girls to stay in 3 point stand when fielding balls
3. Look the ball into glove, tucking chin to chest for proper form
4. Getting ball out of glove quickly with the other hand as they roll it back
5. Proper lateral movement for infielders ( showing them not to stand and move laterally)
6. Coach can watch, correct, instruct on proper shuffling, fielding, etc

Coach can first do the drill with no gloves, bare handed (3 times)
2nd time with glove ( 3 times)
3rd   time fielding with glove and not using the none glove hand to roll back (field with glove, roll with glove)   more advanced (3 times)