I use a fielding drill that puts 2 groups on the field. This drill really helped my teams the past few seasons.   It helps with agility & quickness of transfer from catching to throwing, & making strong throws.

2 Group Fielding Drill
1 group is at shortstop (set a cone almost behind 2nd base) & 1 in Left Field (set a cone closer to Center field).

2 kids at a time participate in the drill, 1 at each cone

1.) Hit a ground ball to kid at SS, she fields it & throws home
2.) After she throws home, bat quickly, I hit a fly ball or line drive at the Left Fielder.
3.) Left Fielder fields the ball properly (catches it or keeps it in front of her) & hits the cutoff man, who is the SS who has turned around & is still in line with home plate.
4.) Short stop catches Left Fielder’s throw & throws home again.

I have each player go through each line 3 times.   This is really good for quick game situations. It focuses on SS footwork & getting in the right position to throw well to home plate.