A drill that I like to use is one that works great for infielders and outfielders alike.

Softball Fielding Drill
Break into two groups: the first player in line in group A takes two steps out then turns to face the next player in line.

She then simulates that it is a hit to her back hand side concentrating on the pivot and then a slow jog glove hand up and extended to catch the ball.

While in a slow jog the player that is next in line tosses the ball to her teammates back hand side (a throw that is catch-able but can also challenge his team mate).

The first person then catches the ball on the run back hand and has to concentrate once again on the quick stop, plant, throw using proper techniques.

Group B does the same drill only to the forehand side 5 — 10 min on each side. It is a great amount of time.

We also use this in pre-game warm-up as well, the kids enjoy it while learning!!