If you’re looking for fun softball fielding   drills, give this one a try.   It is a game that we play to work on fielding called Bonus Ball.

Bonus Ball
Have your players line up at second or third and field ground balls and throw over to first—for example we play a point system. The coaches hit ground balls or fly balls to the players and then they throw over to 1st.

If they catch a fly ball it is worth 2 points, catch a ground ball it is worth 1 point and if you make a good throw to first and the first baseman catches it you get another point.
The first one to 15 wins but the catch is, if you miss a ground ball or miss throw to first you lose a point.

The winner of the game gets to pick the next baseball drill we do. This keeps all the kids active and wanting to win because they get to pick one of the next drills we do.