Here’s one of the softball fielding drills we use to help kids ensure proper position for catching fly balls (and to help fight fear of fly balls).

Catching Fly Balls Drill
*   Get 20 or so long tube socks
*   Wrap each sock around itself to make a ball shape and then wrap athletic tape around it to hold together a make a “soft ball”
*   use the “soft balls” to help kids position properly to catch pop flys by:
1. Tossing a ball in the air and have the kid get underneath and let the ball hit him on the forehead, repeat several times
2. Have the player put his glove on, toss the “soft balls” and have her get in same position under the ball and then put glove up to catch ball (instead of getting hit on the forehead).
3. Repeat several times
4. Have her use her glove and then toss real softballs.

I’ve seen and used this drill several times and in a very short time (as little as one run through of the drill), the kids are in the proper position for catching fly balls.

I have seen kids who were afraid of the ball, overcome their fear in one practice using this drill.