This is one of the softball fielding drills we use called the bucket drill.   It is a variation on the standard bucket drill coaches often use.   It is meant to build speed and accuracy as well as to build teamwork with your players.

Infield Fielding Bucket Drill
I draw a line about 10 feet behind a bucket.
Have the girls start behind the line (two lines of 5-6 players each).
Next the coaches roll a grounder towards the bucket.
The girls have to cleanly field the ball before it reaches the bucket, and make a throw to the coaches (accurate enough that the coaches don’t have to move their feet).

The throw is about the equivalent of a throw from SS to 1st base.   The drill is meant to build speed and accuracy.   The coaches don’t hesitate; as soon as they catch the ball, they roll another quick grounder to the next girl.   First team to 10 wins; the losing team has to run around the bases the amount of times that they lost by.   For instance, if the score was 10-6, then the losing team would have to run 4 times around the bases.

Note: a good way to build teamwork is to have the winning team split the amount of time the losing team has to run.   For example, if they have to run 4 laps, tell the winning team that it would be nice if they picked up a couple of laps for the losing team.   As the losing team is running, have the winning team pick up a couple laps and tell the losing team they should thank their teammates for helping them out.