One of my favorite drills is what we call the “Palm Drill”. It is great for all ages because it serves so many purposes from eye hand coordination improvement to infield work around the bags. When we start this at the beginning of the year even some of the assistants have a tough time with this.

The Palm Drill
Start with groups of three to four players with their gloves off, across from you about 15 feet away.
The players are to be in an athletic position with the glove hand out in front as if they are going to receive the ball. With the palm of their glove hand facing down and fingers spread, toss the ball at the player and their only goal is to tap the ball straight down to the ground with the Palm of the glove hand.

Progress to the next step, only when the first is mastered, and introduce the throwing hand. Literally have the player tap the ball into the throwing hand, not catching the ball, but tapping the ball into the throwing hand.

There should be two soft sounds: the first is the ball hitting the glove hand, and the second is the ball falling into the throwing hand.

Progress to the next step and do the same as above but add the foot work to get them into a throwing position.

I have used this drill extensively for 8 year olds to increase coordination and all the way to 16 year olds to induce accurate hand speed and positioning of the hands to receive the ball around the bags or during relays.