As a coach you can’t have enough hitting drills to liven up your practices.   Give these two drills a try with your teams.

Massive Hit Drill
4 Soft Hit stations set up outside foul lines, 2 stations between HP and 1B and 2 stations between HP and 3B.   Set up each station with 10-15 balls.
Fielding players are at 3B, SS, 2B and 1B.   These are the players each soft toss station will hit towards.

Fielding player fields ball and goes through throwing motion but does not throw but tosses ball to player near them who has a empty bucket to fill up.   Soft toss hitters don’t hit the next ball until their fielder is ready. The drill does go quickly.

This gives lot of hitting and fielding with the whole team staying busy.   Switch positions after all hitting is complete.

The Balancing Board Drill
Lay a 12 ft. x 8″ board down and have the player stand on it with their bat in a ready-to-hit position..
Tell the hitter to take easy swings and concentrate on balance.

Swing-step forward by crossing back foot over front foot — REPEAT for length of board.

For more advanced players, hold a “Swing Target” out in front of the player and tell the player to make an easy swing.