At times you have players that don’t have that consistent ability to hit the ball well. Maybe they have too much movement in the swing?   In today’s blog post, we are talking about softball hitting and come techniques you can use to correct inconsistent contact and the uncontrolled bat.

A pre-stride can eliminate that one extra timing element that most players use. Eliminating that move will ensure that the player is ready to swing at the ball upon contact.

To be a good hitter, you have to have control of the bat. Make sure as a coach or a player, that you know that you are able to manage that barrel through the zone. Or if you are a coach watching that player, make sure that they can handle that bat. If they can’t go down an ounce. That way, they can have better control. You may lose a little power, but the most important thing is to have bat control first before you can start concerning yourself with power.

Slow Hands

Slow Hands are another common issue when it comes to hitting problems. Many time the player may either be weak or they have poor reaction time.

This drill forces your player to have quick hands, as it works on coordination and is also a great hand reaction exercise.

With weighted balls that are softball size, the player will hold both balls out in front of them, with the palms down.

The player will try to let go of both balls at the same time, and quickly switch hands to catch the opposite ball before it falls to the ground.

** Another solution to slow hands is to take dry land ballistic swings, forward and back, as quickly as possible.


Slow Hand Drills for Softball Hitting


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