In today’s video, we will be exploring some of the most common softball hitting problems that all players experience, and how to fix them.

We have all coached players who experienced one – or more! – of these problems at some point in time:

  • Stiff Front Arm Upon Swing
  • Front Shoulder Pulling Out
  • Rotating Away from the Ball
  • and others!

By incorporating the proper exercises and drills, you can help your players correct these frustrating softball hitting issues, and a winning form will be part of each of your players game!

For example, a very common problem for many players is a “stiff front arm on contact”.   This is when the left arm straightens out first, bringing the barrel away from the home plate area, causing a longer path to the ball.

There are two great solutions to this issue:

  • Solution 1:   Make sure that the player stays relaxed with the front arm as they come forward, and work on unlocking elbow and wrist at the same time.
  • Solutions 2: Carry out a high volume of dry swings, where they work on snapping their hip open and keeping that front arm bent.

This is but a sample of the many tips and invaluable information you will find in today’s video post!

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