softball hitting drillsToday, we’re going to talk about softball hitting and some drills that your players can do to build their strength, accuracy, and over hitting skills.

Confidence is a key psychological factor when it comes to softball hitting. We need to know that we can hit. We have to believe that we can hit. We have to know that we’re better than the pitcher out there.

But one of the keys to that is believing that our swing is where we want it to be. That we’ve worked hard as we can to get our swing exactly where we want it. That our rhythm is good, that we’re seeing the ball well, that our contact points are down, and that everything is exactly in place.

The softball hitting drills that we’re going to talk about will help us get to that point.

Wrist and Forearm Strengthening Drills

Many young hitters are worried about how strong they are, whether they can swing a bat.

Weights are good, but if you don’t have access to weights, there are some softball hitting drills that will strengthen the muscles used in hitting, using a heavy bat.

With the wrist and forearm extension drill, your hitter will hold the bat out in front and bring it back to her cap letter, and flip the bat out as fast as she can, stopping it in front of her body.

This should be done ten times.

For the next drill in this category, she will take the bat completely back over her head, let it hang down behind her with her elbows in, and fire the bat out in front, trying to stop it in front of her nose.

She’ll do ten repetitions of this drill.

During the next softball hitting drill, she’ll hold the bat right out in front of her and do wrist rotations, starting with small circles and working to big circles. And then back the other way. Small circles to big circles.

She should do this drill ten times each way.

Windshield Wipers Drill

With this next softball hitting drill, your player will hold the bat right out in front of her with the bat straight up and move it just like windshield wipers. She’ll move the bat all the way down as far as she can go, back and forth, a total of ten times.

Wrist-Snap Swing Drill

For this drill, your player holds the bat right in front of her nose, hands about chest high, and snaps the bat through the hitting zone, working on bat lag and extension out in front of her.

Contact Zone Drill

For the next softball hitting drill, your hitter will take a normal swing and try to stop the bat at a contact point in the nine zones of the contact zone.

The first one is high inside. The next one is high middle. High outside. Middle in. Middle middle. Middle away. Low in. Low middle. And low away.

Remind your hitter that as she’s doing this, her back elbow should stay in, and her head should track the ball all the way through.

Interested in checking out some more softball hitting drills? Head over to my YouTube channel!