I have a drill that is great for outfielders. It is JUST a catching drill; no throwing involved. It goes pretty quick so if you have 10 or 12 girls there isn’t much standing around.

Catching Drill for Outfielders
Basically you can do this drill a couple of ways.
Put your first girl in left field position and the rest of girls on left field foul line. Have coach with bucket of balls halfway between pitcher’s mound and home plate.
Say “go” and first girl does crossover step heading for left center.
Coach throws ball in gap and girl runs, CALLS IT, catches it then drops it down and keeps on running to center.

Coach throws ball to center, then keeps running to right and catches ball in right, all the while never stopping from left to right.
Next she stays on right field line, then the next girl comes up to left field position and she does the drill.

Once all girls are done from the left they come back the opposite way.

This is a great drill for chasing balls in the gap, and endurance. My girls love this drill!!

VARIATION: You can mix it up by having three people throwing ball to girls and they go one right after another.