In today’s video blog post, we are discussing softball pitching drills that will help your athletes work on establishing and maintaining a powerful push-off and drive into the target. The drills included below focus on generating energy and momentum – the build-up to throwing fast pitches. They will also help your pitcher improve her accuracy by teaching her how to drive forward at the catcher, not off to the side.

3 Softball Pitching Drills for Drive, Energy & Momentum!

Momentum and power starts at the very beginning. Your energy is created from the ground up. For pitching, this energy and power comes from the hips. A pitcher won’t have anything behind her pitch if she simply steps off the mound – she needs to drive off it. It’s important to create an athletic, explosive position in your push out to maximize your drive. More energy at the beginning of your pitch will create more energy at the end of your pitch.

Check out these 3 softball pitching drills that will help your pitcher create explosive drive energy and momentum!

“Push Off” Drill for Softball Pitching Mechanics

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Softball Pitching Drill: The Flamingo Drill

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Softball Pitching Drills for Working the Leg Drive

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