Spins are very important in softball pitching. You want to be sure to take the time to work on your spins because it’s going to make your pitches a lot more crisp and your drop work a lot more.

Softball Pitching and Spinning the Ball

When throwing the drop at full speed, many times what happens is the hip sometimes will get in the way. So you want to be sure you don’t close too early. Make sure you get out in front first, starts turning it over, and then the hip follows. You want to keep it in tight, snap it down, and then close hard after.

Another thing you want to think about on the drop is not to drop the shoulder to try to get the ball to drop. What happens is if you drop your shoulder, your release point is way down. And by the time it gets to the plate, it’s going to be in the dirt. So you need to make it look like it’s a fastball, with it up a little higher so you give it some room to drop. Because we want the ball to drop through in the strike zone. One way to tell if your drop is working is if you’re getting a lot of little ground balls. Then you know it’s doing what you need it to do. But if they’re hitting as hard line drives, you’re not getting the right spin on it, and you know you’re doing something wrong. So you want to make sure that shoulder’s up, that you are finishing down through the pitch, and making sure it’s getting low enough.


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