Repetition is the key to learning softball plays. The more your players do the drills, the better they get. I have used this a few years now and it really helps the middle infielders and corners turning a double play.

Double Play Drill
This is similar to the typical double play drill but there are some subtle differences.

Have the first basemen, (2 players if possible taking turns receiving the ball). 2 to 3 other players lining up at the 2nd position and 2 to 3 lining up at SS.   And the same at third.

Then roll a ground ball from the pitcher’s mound area to 3rd; they turn the double play.

I teach what the SS is to do, going to third/backing 3rd up or covering the bag, as well as what the 2nd baseman and 1st basemen is to do.   I repeat in a rapid fire session (after they understand what to do).

I do the same with SS, 2nd and 1st.

This drill can be done with hitting ground balls as well, but I like to use rolling the ball from closer distance so that rapid fire is achieved.   The kids seem to love this drill and we make it a game to see how fast we can turn it without dropping the ball or wild throws.

Doing it three times quickly without a mistake is a start. I have to admit, I have fun with this as well.

I find that getting the kids to be quick and snappy with their throws and decision making is a challenge.   This has helped to achieve at least the technique of turning a quick double play and helps with the decision process.