Here is one of my favorite practice drills. It is called “Round the bases”. It’s a great drill to cover many softball skills and get some conditioning in as well.

Round the Bases

  • With gloves on, place a player on first base, second base, third base and home.
  • The rest of the team makes a line at Short-stop position.
  • The Coach stands at home with bat and a couple of softballs.
  • Coach hits ground balls to the player that is first up at short stop.
  • The player fields the ball then throws to first base, the player then runs to first.
  • The player at first catches the ball then throws to 2nd, she follows the ball to second.
  • 2nd baseman catches and throws the ball to third.
  • As she takes off to go to third the coach hits another ball to the next person in line at shortstop.
  • The player that started at home runs in foul territory outside the baseline and behind third base to join the end of the line at short stop.

Give this one a try. Players love it and they get a lot of conditioning and skill building all while having fun at practice.