Today, we’re going to talk about a softball practice drill that is helpful in developing a strong mental game.

This drill focuses on perception. Have your hitter take five pitches thrown to him. Let him work on his concentration, reading each pitch as it is delivered. Remind him not to swing just yet, as he should just be working on perception during this softball practice drill.

The hitter should use a soft focus on the pitcher when stepping into the box–he shouldn’t focus on any one thing. Then he should hard focus on the pitcher’s release point two to three seconds before the pitch is delivered.

Have each hitter focus on five pitches at a time because it is more game-like. Rotate your hitters after every four to five pitches.

Remind them to focus on concentration (keeping your mind focused on one task at a time), particularly on concentrating on the release point.

As the coach, you should designate what your player is focusing on throughout the softball practice drill.

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