If you’re like most coaches, you’re always on the lookout for softball practice drills for girls that are effective, fun, and grab the attention of your players. Try these summer fun drills with your players. You’ll be glad you did!

Water Balloons
We have a few fun softball practice drills that keep the girls excited. Our team hits water balloons at the end of practice on really hot days! This is the perfect warm weather drill that gets them to swing hard and thru the balloon or they will not break.

Base Running Competition
Another thing my 12u kids do once a week is a base running competition. Half the girls are at second base, the other half at home. On the whistle, one girl from each position runs home to first to second the other second to third to home. Winner stays in and the other girls are the judges until the fastest base runner.

Sliding Fear
Many times the girls are afraid to settle into a sliding position. To ease their fears have them slide on a large piece of cardboard. The cardboard gives them a target and will give a little added cushion if being practiced on grass.

This way they can learn the feel of dropping into the slide without panicking. Obviously they will eventually have to get past the cardboard and graduate to sliding on the infield dirt surface, but it builds confidence until they are ready