With softball season starting, here are a couple of fun drills that will jump start your team.   They are fast-paced including baserunning and fielding–skills you want your players to work on.

Four Corners
One fun drill we run with our girls is called four corners.

We place 4 drop down bases about 35 feet from one another in a square.
We place a girl at each base and have a single base runner.

The idea is to have the infielders round the horn multiple times 3-4 depending on skill level, while the base runner is racing them to beat the throws. We have the runner run outside the fielders.

The fielders can criss-cross the throws or go base to base or mix it up as long as everyone is on the same page.

This teaches the girls to quickly catch and throw, without having to think too hard about it and also gives the runners a good cardio workout. It is simple but the girls love it.

Fielding Drill
I use a simple drill to work on fielding, throwing and running.

Two lines of girls, facing each other, with 75 yards apart.
One line throws down a ground ball to the other line then runs to the back of the other line (exercise running).

The other line collects the ground ball(fielding techniques) turns to throw (throwing position, footwork, and speed) and fires to the original line so the next person catches and throws another ground   ball starting the drill again and makes it continuous.

If they miss a ball, bad throw, bad catch. Stop the drill and everyone does 5 push-ups or 10 sit-ups. Gets the blood flowing!