One of my favorite softball drills, while perhaps not unique, is an infield loop drill.   This drill combines balance, footwork, glove work, throwing and conditioning into a single drill.

Infield Loop Drill

  1.  Drill starts with players at 1st, home and 3rd and a ball in the pitcher’s circle.   Coach hits a ground ball to 3rd
  2. Player fields the ball and throws to home.
  3. Player runs from 3rd to ball in circle, picks up ball and throws to 1st.
  4. She then runs around 2nd base (from the 2B side) to the SS position, where a ground ball will be there to meet her.
  5. She fields the ball and throws to first.
  6. She is hit a slow roller that she fields and throws home.
  7. Catcher then rolls out the ball which the fielder charges and throws to 1st.
  8. Players rotate (C to 3rd, 1B to C and 3B to 1B).

A fast paced practice drill that works on all the softball skills and drills!