The most worthwhile drill I do with my players is working on two things at once: 1. How to pick up a bunt correctly, and 2. How to pick up a dead ball correctly.   If you’re working on softball skills and drills you can’t find a better drill than this!

I teach my girls to use their gloves as a “broom” and “sweep” the ball into their bare hand with their closed glove. This ensures that they will grip the ball cleanly to be able to throw, instead of having to bare hand the ball or waste time using the glove’s pocket.

Two In One Drill
Line three balls up approximately 5 feet away from each other.
Girls have a partner.
One starts at one end line and sprints to the first ball, gets her butt/shoulders around BEFORE touching the ball, sweeps the ball into her glove, and throws it back to the partner.
She sprints back to touch the end line, then sprints to the second ball and follows the same routine.

I generally use a timer and give the girls a goal time to meet. Sometimes I’ll work groups of three and have the off person do push-ups or “hover” (working the abs) until the partner finishes fielding.