This drill has helped our girls with speed, flipping on the run, throwing on the run, and hitting a smaller target on the longer throw. It is called the Cobra Drill.

Cobra Drill:
1 player positioned at first, second, short stop and catcher for the drill. The rest of the team lines up on the side at third base waiting their turn.

Player at first base is sitting on a bucket at the base area for a low target, second base is on the base with a ball positioned about 10’ to the right of the base on the ground. Shortstop is the player who is doing the play from the SS position.

Begin Drill —
Ball is hit or thrown to SS from home plate.
They make the play and throw to first.
They then circle around behind second base and do a quick flip of the ball to second that is positioned on the ground.
They go back behind second base and head towards home plate while locating another ball that is hit or thrown from home plate and make a play to the catcher while on the run. After completion another player lines up and this one goes to the back of the line.

We time the girls for fun and reward the fastest time.   We also rotate all players in and out of the positions so they all have a chance to run the drill 3-4 times each.