Here are two softball throwing drills that will help hone your teams skills.   The Flip drill is simple and the players love the competition of it.   The next one I call the Bounce Throw helps teach your players how to get the ball out the glove quicker.

Give these a try and have fun at the next practice!

Flip Drill
Objective:   master the art of the flip as part of a double play, etc.

How to do it:   Put 4 baseball gloves into a square about 15 feet wide.
Have 4 players at every corner.
Player one starts by taking a step and flipping an underhand flip to the next player.
This player goes to the corner he just threw to.   The receiving player does the same

Game: Break your team into 2 groups of 4-5 players in each box.   See how many flips each team can make in a row before dropping.
The team with the most wins.

Bounce Throw Drill
One of the drills I use to teach them how to get the ball out of their glove quicker to make a throw goes like this:

  • Pair each kid up with a partner
  • Have them sit facing each other about 10ft apart with their legs spread out in front. They will take a ball, bounce it in front of them, catch it and bring their arm back into a throwing position and throw to their partner.
  • Partner repeats the same drill throwing back to their partner.