The object of these softball throwing drills is to get the players comfortable with throwing the softball around the bases with accuracy and speed.   It also teaches them where to place a ball on their throws to a base when the coach emphasizes the inside part of the base when runners are coming to the bag.

Four Corners

  • Have all the players on the team cover a base as if they were going to receive a throw to get a player out at the base.   Do this for each base with an equal number of players.
  • For a typical 12-player team, there should be 3 players at each base.
  • Start at home plate and put the ball on the ground.
  • A coach will tell them to “go” and the catcher will pick up the ball and throw it to 3rd base for a simulated force out.
  • The 3rd baseman then throws to 2nd base to try and turn a double play.
  • The second baseman then throws to first base for a triple play.
  • First base then throws to home where the catcher simulates a tag.
  • The catcher then repeats a throw to 3rd.

Keep doing this cycle until you have achieved a set goal of going around all the bases in a set time or without an error for smaller players.

We do this as an infield warm-up drill to see how many times we can go around the bases without an error.