The idea for these softball throwing drills is to teach leg drive in the throwing motion.   The first drill has you dividing your team into partners. Then I use the concept of the Karate Kid to help them create a mind set for throwing.

Both of these will result in improved throwing by your players.

Leg Driven Throw

Start with   your throwing warm up.

Stand facing your partner approx. 30 feet apart, then move further apart as you throw.

Start with the ball in your throwing hand (Right handed) with your glove and ball hands together.

You will make a figure eight at the same time you step forward with your left foot as you circle to your left and as you circle to your right you step with you right foot.

As your arms go into the throwing position your right foot should turn and land open turning your shoulders and hips.

Then as your arm comes threw to throw continue your momentum forward as you drive with you right leg threw the throw and follow through.

Continue this until you can feel your leg driving your arm through your throw.

Karate Kid

I like to teach my players to think about the Karate Kid (without the foot) before they throw the ball.

It teaches them to bring their throwing arm all the way behind them to get full use of their power.