This is one of the favorite drills of our fastpitch softball team.   In order to break up the monotony of the many softball throwing drills we run I have added a new addition to our team.   We call her “Miss Piggy”.

Miss Piggy Drill
During catcher throw down drills to 2nd, I will put a medium sized stuffed animal on top of a medium sized plywood box just in front of 2nd base. (One that is at the level I want my catcher to throw).

I have the catcher repeatedly throw to try to knock “Miss Piggy” off the box.   This has actually been so successful for us that the rest of my infield has wanted to try.
We now put the box with “Miss Piggy” on it at home plate.   While I hit a series of balls to my infielders, they will throw to home trying to hit the pig off the box.

I also offer incentives to those who hit the pig off the box.   This adds a level of competition to the drill.

I have noticed that not only has this helped with their throwing accuracy but it has also helped with their fielding.   They are so driven to field the ball that they rarely miss even the hard grounders.