I have two softball throwing drills to help younger kids with their throwing accuracy. The first one is a target practice.   The next one, the cut-off drill, works on throwing accuracy as well as hand/eye coordination.

Trash Can Target Throw
Take metal trash can lids, paint a target on the inside of the lids with red and white paint and hang the targets on the fence.

Let the kids have at it with a softball.   They love the loud “clang” when the ball hits the target.   It helps keep their interest because it is fun and challenging.

They really want to hit the target, so they slow down and focus on the technique that we’ve taught them.

Variation:   A game you can play with these targets is to have the kids stand 10 feet in front of the target.   After they have successfully hit the target twice they take a big stride back.   Hit the target two more times, take another stride back and so on.   See how far back they can go!

Cut-Off Drill
Another one of my favorite drills that we do almost every practice is a cut-off drill.

I line 5 or 6 kids in a line and have them work on throwing an accurate throw to one another.

The kid catching the ball sets her feet and has her body turned, as if she was cutting a ball thrown from an outfielder.   She then throws to the next person.

When the ball gets to the end they turn the other way and do it again.

This drill helps with accuracy, foot work and hand eye coordination.