I call this game or drill, ”The Box”.   The purposes of the game are: 1) Hitters learn to hit the ball from gap to gap hard on the ground or on a line, 2) Infielders get ground ball work live off the ball, and 3) Outfielders get fly ball work and learn to communicate.

Take cones and run them 20ft or so apart from the edge of the infield dirt behind where the SS and 2B would play all the way to fence, (Basically the gaps).

You have teams of 4. 4 Hitters is one team and 2 Infielders and 2 Outfielders are the other.

The object of the game is to hit the ball back up the box (the middle).

Hitters get a point for every ball that hits the OF grass between the cones, whether by ground ball or fly ball.

The INF’s job is to not let any ground balls through, the INF’s also cannot touch the OF grass.(They must stay on dirt or hitting team gets a point).

OF’s of course try to catch the ball before it hits the OF grass.

Any ball that does not land between the cones on the OF grass is an out. Hitters get 3 outs per round. Coaches choose how many rounds to play.