I like to run the Box Drill but with my own twist–it’s kind of like the 4 corner drill set-up wise but rules of the game are slightly different. You can do this anywhere.

The 4 Corner Box Drill
Set up 4 players roughly 20′ apart from each other in shape of a square (they are the corners).

Going clockwise underhand toss to next player where she traps the ball between throwing hand and back of mitt. This continues for YOUR determined amount of time, then they reverse direction working on the back hand “flip” and still trapping ball in same manner.

Here is where it gets cool (twisted) –
I always put another box in the middle of them (4 more players doing the same drill).

Inner box should in theory make it around before the outer box does with the ball, but you can push them to compete for time and always with no drops !!!

This teaches them multiple skills within same drill — we normally use flat mitts but you can do the drill with regular mitts as I indicated above.

When doing back hand flip they must stay low and not come up. This gives them better focus through concentration and knowing that there is another box that they are competing with are compelled to do it faster than the other box.

You can add a 3rd “outer” box or have the remaining players do any number of drills or sit-ups or push ups etc.