Helps batter swing smoothly and drive the ball.

Set Up

  • Player stands at plate or in front of net.
  • Coach stands in front of the player and at a 45 degree or greater angle to the player.


  1. Player gets into stance and coach tosses the ball to her to hit.
  2. Player takes her normal swing and hits the ball.
  3. Player can change feet location to simulate different pitch locations. Opening the feet simulates an outside pitch, closing the feet simulates an inside pitch

Coaching Tips

  • The coach should be at a 45 degree angle or greater to the batter. Tossing from less than a 45 degree angle only teaches hitters to open up too soon
  • Toss the ball to the hitter’s front hip — tossing the ball to the back hip could result in the coach getting hit by the batted ball