I have a hard time getting my little ones to run the bases correctly.   This seems like something elementary and every softball player should know but it was really hard for my 4 year old girls to comprehend this.   So, I started a very simple drill that turned out to be very effective.

Learn the Bases
I have them run the bases and yell out very loudly the “name” of the base.   After they run a lap or two, I will work with them on running through first base or turn and go to second.   The first base coach will instruct them on which action to take.   Remember to have them yell out the the name of the bases.

This drill works well at the beginning of practice so that they are not worn out yet – it also loosens them up and gets them geared up for practice.

Nerf Ball Drill
I use Nerf footballs to help them learn to run to the ball.   I will throw a pass & make sure they use their hands to catch the ball.

After a few time we switch to a different pattern to simulate backhand catches using hands only.   After a few times we give them their gloves & throw softballs in the same manner. It really seams to help them run to the ball.