This is one of my favorites for youth softball coaching and I don’t see other teams doing in our league. It is a simple baserunning drill that I call “Running 1 through 4″.   This is also a great conditioning and teamwork drill.   Give it a try.

Running 1 through 4
Two lines down at home plate.
First line in the right-hand batters box.
Second line about 10 feet or so toward 1st base and off the foul line.

When prompted, a runner from each line takes off.

The line in the batters box runs through 1st and breaks down.
The other line rounds 1st and heads into 2nd.

When prompted, now 4 runners take off.

Runner at 1st goes to 3rd (picking up coach).
Runner at 2nd goes home (switching lines after getting home).
2 lines at home still the same.

Now bases are full and we’ll have 5 running with the next two at home.

Ensure the runners switch lines after reaching home, so they will now have different routes/situations to run.