Here are the summarized steps I go through with teaching my T-ball kids who are just getting started on the fundamentals of throwing.   Give these a try with your young players and they will have a great foundation for the sport.

T-Ball Throwing Drill
Group Knee Position — Throwing & Catching (All Kids) 10 min

Kneeling Throw (1 knee or 2 knees….teaching arm position, grip, and wrist action)   (align by skill level once we learn skill levels a bit more) (** use as many parents as we can for this drill to pair up with kids)

CATCHING — Thumb to thumb; Pinky to Pinky; move left; move right; COVER UP the Ball or Squeeze it (* use 2nd hand to secure AFTER ball hits glove)

THROWING — Grip the ball with 2 or 3 fingers on top for bigger kids; thumb on the bottom; otherwise use 4 fingers or all 5 if small hands

DEMO 1-KNEE Throw and the L-Shape

DEMO the Load & Fire   (Load…spread feet athletic position; FRONT Foot point to target; BACK foot 90 degrees) Elbow or glove pointing to target; ball stretched out behind you toward ground   push off with back foot; foot and arm come forward together as glove hand tucks into your side.
Come over the top like you are hitting the “little man” in front of you on top of the head.