There is a time to have some fun and still learn or polish some skills. I like to use the end of practice for a fun game that can create some team bonding while still focusing on softball fundamentals.

Barney Bop Throwing Drill
One of the best games I have used is called “Barney Bop”. The tools needed are a sturdy chair, a large stuffed toy (I use Barney, hence the name) and preferably a backstop or net to place behind the target.

Start by placing “Barney” in the chair and if needed, prop him up to get him about 3-4 feet off the ground and place the chair with Barney straddling 1st base. Place a net behind the chair.

Now divide your team up into 2 groups and have them line up in 2 columns at the shortstop position.
Have the 1st player from team 1 take the first play.
Hit a grounder the player 1.
She must cleanly field the ball and make a throw to 1st base trying to knock Barney out of the chair. If this is done, her team scores 1 point.
Then the 1st player from team 2 takes the next play and does the same thing.
Do this until all of the players have had at least one turn.

You can move the players from shortstop to 2nd base and do the same game.
I have also had the players set up out in the outfield and place the chair at 2nd base to teach a good throw to 2nd.

Try to have some type of prize for the winning team, like not carrying the equipment or something like that.