This is a great fielding stance drill that helps your players work on establishing a good athletic base and fielding the ball out in front.

Set Up Note: Not all players are the same size, so make sure you have enough cones to set up for your shorter players vs. your taller players.

To set up, have the player approach and go into their ready stance, putting down an imaginary triangle.

The coach will set markers with a cone on the inside corners of their triangle – on the inside of each foot and at the tip of the glove when it is extended.

During this fielding stance drill, the focus is on approach, alignment and setting up on the triangle.

Players will approach the triangle, and jump into their ready stance with their feet on the outsides of the cone, extending their glove to touch the cone in front.   They should maintain a good, strong balance while stretching.

Base your number of repetitions of your players stamina.


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