This fielding drill is just an extension of a game of Catch and Throw. If you can master this fielding drill, and have consistent rhythm in everything you do regarding your fielding, your percentage in fielding goes up. It’s when we begin doing different things when we are fielding that we’re not in control of, that costs us in our defensive game.

The Setup

  1. Put 2 players, facing each other, on their knees approximately 5 feet apart.
  2. The players will roll the ball to the other to catch.

The Breakdown

  • When catching, the player should focus on gloving out, which means the glove is away from their body, and then brought into their throwing side as they bring the ball in.
  • Focus on turning over and making sure you are in a good field position to catch the ball
  • If a ball crosses the mid-line of the body, you need to catch in a backhand glove.
  • Keep the hand and the glove together.
  • Upon catching the ball, the glove should be brought up to the throwing side immediately, to efficiently make the throw.
  • There should be very little space between the glove and the ground. Catch the ball from the ground up — don’t stab at the ball from above.
  • Train with an 11” ball so you can also work on smaller targets, which will result in increased precision when fielding.

Coaching Tips

You can also work on an attack style defense, which doesn’t allow the in between ball to eat you up! There are two ways you can approach these — you can go out straight out and attack as if it is a short hop, you let it play you. And if you let it play you, that is going to have to be followed by a bang-bang play on your part.


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