In this fielding drill, you’re going to make sure all your players get practice on both 3rd and 1st bases.   The techniques are similar, but simply the inverse of the other.


Once the ball is hit up into foul territory, the infielder will stay under the ball, keeping their eyes on it and their glove hand raised.

As they get closer to the fence, have them extend the arm closest to the fence out so that they can feel it and know where they are in relation — using your hands as your eyes, like when you bumble around the house in the middle of the night feeling the walls.

Coaching Tips:

Your right handed players will most likely find it slightly easier on the 3rd base than 1st, as they can stretch out with their off hand, keeping their glove raised the entire time.

On 1st, they’ll need to reach out with their glove hand, touch the fence with it, and then pull it back up and off to make the catch.

Foul Fly Ball at 1st


Foul Fly Ball at 3rd

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