Helps prevent overstriding, while improving balance, rhythm and timing

Set Up

  • Place a batting tee and a ball directly over the plate.
  • The batter sets up inher normal stance.
  • Coach holds a soccer ball next to the hitter.


Hitters practice taking a short, controlled stride by holding a soccer ball between their knees
  1. The hitter gets into hitting position, then places the soccer ball between her knees, holding it in place by pinching her knees together.
  2. The hitter will check her alignment by taking a slow practice swing — making sure that the sweet spot lines up with the ball.
  3. On the coach’s signal, the hitter makes a short, controlled stride, loads up and swings, making line drive contact with the bal.
  4. If done correctly the ball will stay securely between the hitter’s knees. If she overstrides, the ball will drop to the ground.

Coaching Tips

  • If you don’t have a soccer ball, you can use a deflated basketball, volleyball, playground ball or batting helmet
  • Keep the lower body relaxed and rotate the back hip forward with the swing