In the following hitting drill sequence, we are going to demonstrate how you can include a partner who is going to toss the ball to the hitter. Now the batter has to read the ball coming up into the zone.

Video Demonstration

  • Timing is going to come into place in this hitting drill — the hitter has to feel comfortable with the ball coming into the zone.
  • The hitter should focus on the ball coming out of the tosser’s leg area, which simulates a live pitcher.
  • Not all of the tosses are going to be perfect – if the hitter receives a bad pitch, they will simply not swing at it.
  • The hitter should focus on keeping her head down upon contact, staying balanced throughout the entire swing, keeping the lead foot closed upon contact and keeping her hands inside the path of the ball so the ball is contacted on the sweet part of the bat.
  • You can also do this drill with the SB401 11 inch softballs.


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