In this video, I am sharing some fantastic drill ideas for softball practice. The first is called the “Star Drill”, and you will need 5 players for this one!   And then I’ve got an awesome relay race that your players are going to love!

The Star Drill

  • Position 5 players at each of the field positions — catcher, first base, second, short stop, and third base.
  • Beginning with the catcher throwing to the short stop, players focus on perfect throws right into the glove, stepping towards the target and making good, strong catches.
  • Repeat to first base, then third, to second and then throwing home.
  • After a few rounds, speed up the drill and see how fast the players get get around the field with no errors.

Relay Races

In this relay race, you have 8 players lined up in 2 rows — one down the base line and the other in line with the pitchers mound.

  • The first player in the line throws to the second player, the second throws to the third, and the third throws to the fourth.
  • Fourth then throws the ball back to third, and then third to second and second to first or “home”.
  • Your goal is to make it through this sequence with no drops. Whoever gets back to “home” first wins!


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