Teaches players how to tag up and score on a sacrifice fly.

Set Up

  • Set up three outfielders in their positions, and a catcher at home.
  • The remaining players line up behind third base.
  • Coach stands at home with a bat and balls.


  1. Coach hits fungo fly balls into the outfield.
  2. The baserunner at third takes a lead, tags up, then goes home on the catch.
  3. The outfielder attempts to throw out the baserunner.
  4. Repeat, rotating new players into the baserunning and outfield positions.

Coaching Tips

  • The baserunner can slide or swing wide of the catcher to avoid the tag
  • A low, bouncing throw from the outfield is better than a high, slow throw
  • Make it harder: Alternate between fly balls, ground balls and line drives. The baserunner must read the hit and decide whether to tag up or run straight home.   Add a runner at second base into the drill. She tries to advance to third.
  • Make it easier:   Have a base coach at third to call instructions out to the runner — Lead, Tag Up, Go!