When fielding, most softball players use an 11 ¼ glove to a 13 inch glove, depending on the position that you play.   With our small glove training, we can focus on a smaller target and a smaller ball, and being able to get down on the ball because of the short fingers of the glove, which requires more precise hand-eye coordination.

If your players are just learning to field the ball out in front, you can have them mark an imaginary tip of the triangle so they know the proper extension to reach for the ball.

The players backs should be straight and their heads down in a good fielding position.

You can also do a variation of this drill by manipulating the hand of the forehand and the backhand and working on turning over the glove.

This drill even allows you to work on the in-betweeners and short hops in front of the body, which require charging and attacking.