The Swim Drill is a great softball conditioning drill that can be used to work on achieving a proper arm swing when throwing.

**For this drill, you want to place a strip of tape on a softball. This will be used to practice and condition your line up, as well as view your ball spin.

How to perform the Swim Drill:

  1. Get down on 1 knee
  2. Put ball down on the ground so that the line is facing where you are going to throw it.
  3. Begin to move arms in a swimming motion
  4. Without stopping, pick up the ball
  5. Continue to swim and then throw the ball with a flip and spin
  6. Swim past the ball once, and then pick it up and release the ball in a natural movement

Make sure that you have the line facing straight, and you should be able to see the spin reflected by that line.

Remember, swimming involves both arms — one arm is going to pick up and throw the ball, and the other arm is helping to balance our throws, and move our shoulders and hips. You also use that other arm to point towards the target and help direct the throw.


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