This softball fielding drill focuses on the wrist flip during the throw. Adding a wrist flip will add an arc to the throw for more distance and accuracy.

Set Up

  • Have 2 players face each other at about 15-20 feet apart.
  • The first player will hold the ball with the throwing elbow on the glove hand.
  • The grip should be in straight alignment, with the middle finger in the line with the arm.


  1. Keeping the elbow on the glove hand, throw the ball.   As you let it go, the throw should backspin to your partner, which is caused by the flip of the wrist.
  2. Be sure that the arm follows all the way through and ends down towards the thigh.
  3. The goal is to get the ball to your partner in as straight a throw as possible, while achieving a good arc on the ball.

Key Points

–   The elbow of the throwing hand should always be above the shoulder, maybe even as high as your ear
–   A backspin will cause the ball to move in a big arc
–   If you spin the ball correctly, you should always see the line of the ball
–   The elbow should stay close in to the body throughout the throw and flip

Video Demonstration


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