Bunting is an important part of softball.   Besides hitting the ball to the fence, there is no greater offensive weapon than a robust bunting strategy. This is true for all age groups in softball.   Bunting takes precision and practice, and a bunting drill offers just that.   Check out today’s video that talks about some proper mechanics of the softball bunt and demonstrates a fantastic bunting drill you can incorporate into your next practice!

A Bunting Drill to Teach Proper Softball Bunting Mechanics!

When you are going to bunt, you want to have a little bit more of a wide stance so that when you get ready to square around with the barrel at the top of the zone, a wider base will allow you to cover that outside pitch. If you are in a narrow stance with your toes aligned, when you turn into the bunt, you are going to lose your balance when you go to catch that outside pitch. You also want to be sure that you are turning into your natural strike zone.

The key to bunting the outside pitch is to catch the outside of the ball, with the knob of the bat to the belly button. When you are holding the bat in the proper bunt position, pretend that you are catching the ball with the top hand. You aren’t going to chase the ball, but instead let the ball come into that hand area and don’t ever extend your elbows. The key to being a good bunter is to keep the elbows bent when you are bunting. Remember that you are the bridge to the RBI, which is a critical position.


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