Today, we’re going to take a look at a cool throwing drill that’s designed specifically for youth softball players.

I like this drill because it explains throwing mechanics using a concept most kids are familiar with – swimming! Whether they’ve been watching Michael Phelps on TV, or taken swim lessons themselves, even young players tend to understand the arm motion of a front crawl, and translate it into throwing the softball fairly easily.

“Swim” Throwing Drill

Have your players partner up and kneel with the throwing side knee down, facing their partner, around 10-15 feet apart. Place the ball on the throwing arm side, then, using a swimming motion rotate both arms around in a wide, looping circle, sweep down and pick up the ball, then throw it to your partner in one smooth motion.

Make sure your girls are getting their elbow up above the ears, and releasing the ball with a good wrist snap. As they get more comfortable with it, extend the distance between the two players to create a longer and longer throw.

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