Promotes a short, quick swing

Set Up

  • Player stands at plate or in front of net.
  • Coach stands in front of the player and at a 45 degree or greater angle to the player.
  • Use a shorter, lighter bat for this drill.


  1. Hitter begins by holding the bat with her bottom hand (front arm). She puts her top hand (back arm) flat against her chest.
  2. Coach tosses the ball to the hitter who swings one handed and hits the ball.
  3. After several swings, switch to holding the bat with top hand (back arm) and put bottom hand on chest.
  4. Finish by taking a few swings with both hands holding the bat.

Coaching Tips

  • Hitter must keep her hand inside the ball and the barrel inside the ball on all swings.
  • When using front arm, hitter should bring the back of her hand toward the ball so the barrel stays up. When using the back arm, she should bring her palm toward the ball so the barrel stays up.
  • Hitter should whip the barrel through the ball … bat should be on same plane as ball.
  • On bottom-hand, backhand-swing, hitter should finish through the ball. On top- hand swing, hitter must guard against “rolling over” on the ball.