During the above video, you’ll learn about a great softball pitching drill to help your pitchers work on their technique.

The walk through softball pitching drill helps to get your pitcher’s arm loose while also focusing on mechanics.

Remind your pitchers to focus on having a loose arm, timing the upper and lower body, getting the front side down, getting a good short snap, and getting a good kick with the back side.

One thing you may want to do during this softball pitching drill is draw a straight line coming out from the middle of the plate. Then make sure that your pitcher’s foot is stepping out at a 45-degree angle on that line. This will tell you what her hips are doing–if her hips are in the way, she’s going to lose some speed.

After your pitcher runs through this drill a few times, add a cone. You can either put the cone at the tip of her foot drag so that she gets that back leg up early, or you can push the cone out, which will help your pitchers ensure that they’re lengthening their legs out in their stride.

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