This youth softball drill is for outfield throwing to home. The goal is to teach the kids not to rainbow the ball to home, to throw at cutoff’s head at all times, throw on a line.

Youth Softball Outfield Drill
First, place a bucket at home plate ( upright or lay it down, does not matter).
Then align your outfielder in position.
I align myself as the cutoff for starters.
Throw them a fly ball have them catch it and throw it home.

In a perfect throw, I should have to duck slightly and the ball would take 1-3 hops and hit the bucket.   When they throw, if I don’t have to duck……we start over.

I am about 1.5 feet taller than most of my kids, so for starters it gives them room for error.   Once they have gotten me to duck consistently, then I replace myself with a kid from the team and they try to throw at his head.   At the same time we are working on where the throw ends up.

The trajectory of the throw is the goal.

We started doing this drill last year and actually threw 3 kids out at the plate last year.   Not bad for 10 yr old league.