Hit Stick Softball Hitting Drill

The Hit Stick Drill

Purpose Teaches batter to hit balls in various strike zone locations with good fundamentals. Drill Setup Batter gets in normal stance. Coach stands to side holding the hit stick. You can purchase

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Whiffle Golf Ball Hitting Drill

Purpose Hitter works on keeping the head still when swinging and watching the ball all the way in. Set Up Batter gets into stance. Coach stands 10-15 feet away. Instructions Coach throws plastic

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Multi-Ball Hitting Drill

Purpose This hitting drill teaches the hitter to concentrate hard on the right ball to hit. It also teaches the hitter to keep their weight back. Breakdown -  The coach has two balls

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high low hitting drill

High Low Hitting Drill

This double tee hitting drill focuses on keeping the club head nice and high until the batter gets ready to make contact. It is important that the barrel stays higher

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Isometric Bat Speed Drill

Isometrics are a type of strengthening exercise where the muscles are put in static positions, instead of being dynamic through a range of motion. This bat speed drill is GREAT for building

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